Introducing New Extra Fine Brush pen

Introducing New Extra Fine Brush

We’re really celebrating our PIN plastic free launch this month. Particularly as we’re showcasing our new New Extra Fine Brush pen.

Extra Fine Brush PIN

Innovative new tool

The new PIN Extra Fine brush is a real game changer when it comes to brush lettering and drawing. It is both an elegant fine art pen and delicate brush script instrument. 

It is made from professional quality filaments as seen in cosmetics rather than a conventional fibre tip and is therefore super fine and the nearest thing to working with a classic small artist brush.

New plastic free PIN pack

Just like you’d expect from a cosmetics or artist’s brush, the new Extra Fine Brush pen produces a variety of lines widths, effects and flourishes. 

Great for a range of uses

Because this innovative new Extra Fine Brush pen works like a brush with the control of a pen, you can use it for drawing, filling and brush script.

Heron brush drawing

The above is an expressive heron brush drawing, created entirely with the brush pen. You can see the variety of marks the pen makes here and the brush like texture it can produce on the page.

Below is a beautiful example of simple line drawing and intricate brush script from Becki Clark. You can see how she has used the new pen to create a striking piece of work. Her mastery of the brush allows her to make flowing lettering and lovely flower motifs.

Becky clark brush script

Watch Becki talk about the new pen below…

Use with watercolour! 

You’ll be pleased to know that, just like with your other PIN pens, you can use the Extra Fine Brush with watercolour.

New Extra Fine Brush pen

This means that you can make all kinds of colourful hand-lettering pieces and illustrations. We’ve been enjoying using our brush pens with art gecko watercolour postcards.  We’ve whipped up a wealth of watercolour and PIN designs with the postcards to give to friends and family.

Try sumi-e

Sumi-e painting is the art of black and white brush drawing using only essential marks to convey your subject.

simple sumi-e drawing

While strictly speaking this pen isn’t a sumi-e pen, you can use this new brush pen to practice the art building simple lines and marks to create a sumi-e inspired piece. Why not give it a try?

Simple sumi-e with PIN