Introducing our new uni-PIN Chisel tip pens

New PIN Chisel TIps

Have you seen our brand new uni-PIN Chisel tip pens? 

Our black uni-PIN range has expanded from 14 to 18 tip sizes. In addition to our PIN standard shape sizes, from 0.03 to 1.2 nib, plus a brush tip, the range now boasts an Extra Fine brush tip made with real bristles and three new uni-PIN Chisel tip pens for calligraphy.

New PIN Chisel TIps

Calligrapher’s choice pack

Calligrapher's choice PIN pen

We’ve included all three chisel tip PIN pens in a new plastic free pack. Our Calligrapher’s Choice pack, Calligraphy Collection pack and Love Lettering pack are designed by hand-lettering artist Lettering Our World. All of which feature these new pens.

Available in fully biodegradable plastic free packaging each pack has been designed by an artist to illustrate the pen ranges and possibilities, showcasing each nib size and colour.

New chisel tip PIN pens

About our chisel tips 

Chisel shaped tips are a standard shape for calligraphy felt-tip pens, however the PINs new sizes offer something genuinely different on the market. 

The smallest chisel tip is 1.0mm for neat yet expressive calligraphy and the largest being 3.0mm. The larger tip is great for big robust lettering.  

New PIN calligraphy pens

This variation in neat chisel tip size options allows for a range of different writing styles and overall finish. As well as working individually they work well as a set as all sizes and shapes relate to each other. 

These chisel tips have a more rounded edge than competitor chisel tip pens, making the line more defined and precise as well as an easier glide on the page. 

new uni-PIN Chisel tip pens

Work your chisel script

New pin chisel tips

Start working your script with your new uni-PIN Chisel tip pens. Hold your tip at an angle on the page, that way you will start with a broader line. As you work the pen over the page the pen nib will naturally make a variation of lines as the curves and bends of the lettering. 

Try with watercolour

new uni-PIN Chisel tip pens

The uni-ball PIN is an excellent artists pen and calligraphy pen. The fineliners contains fade proof Super Ink so your creations will last.  The ink is water resistant too so the drawing pens can be used with watercolour and will not smudge when wet. Have a look at when we’ve used our new uni-PIN Chisel tip pens with watercolour in the video below.