POSCA Christmas gift ideas for artists and creatives

We love POSCA paint markers and we’ve got some great POSCA Christmas gift ideas for artists and creative people. 

POSCA paint markers

1: Customise those kicks 

We’ve all seen the trend for customised trainers. POSCA pens are ideal for this. So why not make a very special Christmas bundle of some plain trainers and a set of POSCAs to customise them with? It’s one of those fab POSCA Christmas gift ideas for artists and creative souls.

Need inspiration? Then check out these amazing customised kick designs. 

SP Zero POSCA customised kicks

POSCA favourite SP Zero have created this amazing floral themed design. 

POSCA Christmas gift ideas for artists

We also love this collection from the artists Skunk. See how he’s made the most of POSCA colours and the various nib sizes to create amazingly simple but effective designs. 

customised sneakers with POSCA

We customised some kicks for ourselves recently – check out our customised Air Force 1 video here. 

2: Encourage the artist 

Teaming some POSCAs of various sizes with a pack of canvases would make a fabulous gift for a budding artist.

POSCA Christmas gift ideas for artists

You can make amazing canvas art works with POSCA pens. After all POSCA is paint in a pen so you can use our water-based paint markers to create all manner of eye-catching artworks. 

Take a look at this piece by POSCA artist Danny Chiverton. It’s fabulous isn’t it? And it is created entirely with POSCA. 

POSCA canvas art work from Danny Chiverton

Danny not only used tried and tested methods with POSCA such as blending and overlaying. He also used dragging with a dry and wet brush. He also worked on diluting the paint with water to create subtle colour grading. 

3: For the skater boys (and girls)

This is one for the mavericks! Skateboarding is great – but skateboarding on a customised board is even better. 

Skateboard by Danny Chiverton

Elevate a cool gift into a really cool gift.

When you’re buying a top of the range skateboard for a skating loved-one this Christmas, make the gift super special by adding a set of POSCAs. 

Skateboard by Danny Chiverton

It is truly awe-inspiring when you see the array of highly skilled, detailed designs seen on skateboards customised with POSCA.