start the year right and get organised with uni-ball pens


get organised with uni-ball pens

Get organised with uni-ball pens and start the year right.

We may have alarms on our phones and little pings on our tablets and laptops to remind us of dates and tasks but it’s proven that what really sticks in the brain is writing things down. In fact there are a number of studies being conducted right now on how things like emails and chat can clutter our brains and leave us feeling foggy. The solution? Pens and paper.

You don’t have to be super fancy either – all of the ideas below feature key pen colours of black, red and blue. Hopefully this will show you that with a notebook or pad and some basic pen colours, you can stay in control and get organised.

Start a journal, make a key

organiser key with uni-Air pens

A great way of getting your stuff together is keeping an organisational journal. Now, you may need to look at this at speed on a daily basis. So take some time at the start by creating a colour-coded key. That way you’ll be able to fill in your journal quickly and you’ll be assess what kind of task, its urgency and who it involves at a glance. By using different colours you’ll be able to discern the information even quicker!

We’ve used Air Mirco for this one as we love the way it looks on the page.

Set your goals and carry them with you!

How about this for a handy organisation hack? You get a small little notebook that will fit into your pocket or handbag. You fill it with your goals with a super fine writing pen (so you can fit in small writing). Then you can carry this with you wherever you go to remind yourself of your long term aims.

Easy goal journal eye needle

The uni-ball Eye Needle is ideal for this! While this needle tip can create refined, delicate writing, it’s no wimp. The 0.5mm nib may be fine, but its strong needle tip can withstand heavy pressure without bending or breaking. Plus the Eye’s smooth-flowing solid pigment ink makes writing legible at practically any size. So keep a Needle and notebook on hand for when you need to jot things down on the go.

On the money

Saving for something? Want to manage your finances in a fun way that sticks in the brain? Here’s a creative way to get organised with uni-ball pens and keep track of your spending and saving.

get organised with uni-ball pens

Sometimes visual references mean more to us than numbers on a spreadsheet. They can also be placed prominently in the house so you can see them. This will act as a daily motivation keep track on your finances.

Simply use your Air Micro black, red and blue writing pens to draw out a jar. Then fill in with your different coloured rollerball pens as each saving milestone is reached. This could be a great method of teaching children how to save and build patience around saving for something special. It should give your kids a sense of achievement when the goal is reached.  But you are never too old to learn so it’s good for grown ups too. You could also make one that tracked your spending too – this may be a good way of checking in where you’re at with your money.

Colour coded week planner

Week planner uni-jetstream pen

If you start the week knowing what you have to do when, you’ll feel more in control. Plus if you break down what to do in little tasks over the seven days you won’t feel so overwhelmed with all the STUFF you have to do. We were inspired by this homework planner above – where each day is drawn into a circle to be filled in.

Jetstream 3 is a perfect pen for planning the week ahead. It has three colours in one. This enables you to use one pen to colour code your tasks. You could have red for urgent, blue for non-urgent and black for things to need to complete over the course of the week.

Write down affirmations

Now this last way to get organised with uni-ball pens may seem wishy washy. But we believe that being organised should be about being motivated.

Write down an affirmation for the week or the month that you can contemplate and look at when you’re feeling like you can’t be bothered. The mindful act of writing a meaningful quote or affirmation down should instil the concept in your head, allowing you to focus your intention. Plus you can always refer back to it when you need to.

Set affirmations with uni-ball pens

We used Eye Micro writing pens for our affirmation here. And by the way, you don’t have to go to town like we did here, merely jotting your intention down will do.

The Eye Micro is such a good, reliable rollerball pen. If you’re the household’s organiser in chief, you want to go for a safe bet when picking pens for the family. The Eye Micro is a smart choice.

Super reliable and excellent quality, the uni-ball Eye Micro writes clearly but with refinement, featuring a super slim elegant line. It really does the job, and delivers smooth flowing, rich ink to the page with a consistent skip-free line.