Why pen and paper? The importance of handwriting 

Even our digital age it’s worth remembering the importance of handwriting. It is a great method to aid your studies. It’s a beautiful way to communicate with people. And it’s good for you too; keeping a handwritten journal or diary is also a very useful way to help manage stress or general mental health.

The importance of handwriting for studying

Handwriting information helps with memory and concentration. Yes, it may be slower, but making handwritten notes aids the brain in filtering and processing information consequently there is a real benefit in using pen and paper.

uni-ball Eye Pens - the importance of handwriting

We cannot stress enough the importance of handwriting when it comes to study. For example a handy notebook is easier to refer to than scrolling through documents made on a phone, tablet or laptop. You’ll be able to look at the work you’ve done way easier with fewer distractions. So to get better results, it may be useful to hone your handwritten note taking skills. Here are some tips… 

  • Use a reliable pen like the uni-ball Eye or Jetstream
  • Make a note of the key points 
  • Colour-code and underline important keywords
  • Make use of bullet points, arrows and other signifiers
  • Create your own shorthand and colour coding that you will understand immediately
  • Put a difficult concept into your own words so you ‘get it’ more clearly
  • Make diagrams or pictures to help you better process the material

Great uni-ball study pens 

Here’s some great study pens in the uni-ball stable. 

Jetstream rollerballs

uni-ball Jetstream pen the importance of handwriting

uni Jetstream pens are more than regular rollerball pens. As you’d expect the writing pens give you smooth, fast flowing writing, but the pens also have the fast-drying properties of a simple ballpoint ensuring less smudging. This non smudging quality makes the pens ideal for writing quick notes and of course its also means it is a great left-handed pen. 

You can get a tri-colour pen or red, black and blue models. Whatever your choice the pens are extremely comfortable to use for both left and right-handed writers. They are retractable too so it means you won’t have to worry about getting lost in your school bag on on your desk.

The Eye Fine

If you’re looking for a hardworking school pen that you can write with and do more visual projects with then Eye Fine pens are fab.

The Eye Fine

We know it’s a great writing pen. It produces a precise 0.7mm line and the uni-flow’ system ensures a steady and continuous ink flow. While that’s brilliant for notes and long study guides, it’s the range of Eye Fine colours that will really help you out with colour-coding your notes and doing some diagrams.

The importance of handwriting for journaling

It’s also really useful to practice your handwriting as good handwriting is often linked improved academic performance. A really good way to do this is with journaling.

Scrapbooks and journals are a fab way of documenting your life – that’s why we believe in the importance of handwriting. Making a bullet journal to set goals, lists to record your interest and day journals to reflect on those special moments and capture a moment in time. The practice of making a journal is a great way of giving yourself some creative time out, taking a breath to gather your thoughts.<

Brilliant uni-ball pens for journaling

Eye Designer

With its vibrant chequerboard metallic barrel, the Eye Designer, combines style and substance.  It’s got everything you love about an Eye pen. It contains uni-ball’s fade and fraud proof Super Ink, making it ideal for journaling or perhaps the odd doodle. It’s dependable too, with a smooth ink flow for effortless writing, and a hardwearing stainless steel tip that can take the toughest of treatments.

Journal with EYE

The pen’s fine 0.7mm nib writes like a dream and is perfect for little drawings too. The Eye Designer is available in black, blue, green, light blue, pink, red, violet and wine. So idea for colourful, vibrant journals.

Eye Designer colours

Colourful EMOTT

EMOTT fineliners are really good coloured pens that look great and perform brilliantly.  They write super clearly and produce a great drawn line so they’re brilliant for journaling.

Emott doodles

The EMOTT’s durable tip doesn’t bend or split so you don’t have to worry about your pen pressure. These hardworking pens draw and write with clear line and deliver good colour coverage and vibrance on the page – so just the thing for colour blocks, sketches and doodles. Plus they contain water-resistant, non-bleed and fade-proof ink so your work will look crisp and colourful over time.

[xhead] Amazing for memories

Lets face it, when you want to send something truly heart-felt and personal an email doesn’t really cut it. Nowhere is the importance of handwriting so pointed as when it comes to a personal, unique message.

uni-ball Eye Designer pens

Most of us have kept cards and letters written by loved ones to look over now and again. Plus a handwritten note kept for years can be a little time machine, transporting you to another period in your life, maybe a significant one, that a digital note really can’t do.

Handwriting means time, care and attention. A handwritten card or note really does let somebody else know how much you you are thinking of them.

Marvellous momento pens

Gel Impact

Need a reliable, expressive pen? Get yourself a Gel Impact. The uni-ball Gel Impact ink pen has a broad writing line that’s perfect for the expressive scribe with a large, bold handwriting style.

Gel Impact pen, the importance of handwriting

The ultra-smooth gel ink and sturdy rubber grip ensures this handwriting pen a joy to to write with, combining comfort, quality and reliability. These ink pens contain uni Super Ink, which is fade resistant, water resistant and tamper proof – perfect for cards and letters that people want to keep!

Vision Elite

Travellers who want to send home more than an email or insta post should opt for a Vision Elite. uni-ball Vision Elite handwriting pens feature ‘Airplane Safe’ technology which prevents leaks due to pressure changes in aircraft. This makes the innovative ink pen perfect for the frequent traveller.

Vision Elite traveller's pen

So you can write letters and postcards on a plane and when you’re back down on terra firmer. The write like a dream with a bold 0.8mm rollerball tip that flows beautifully on the page. Vision Elite handwriting pens also contain uni Super Ink, which is fade resistant, water resistant and tamper proof so your traveling tales will last an age.