Introducing new POSCA plastic free packaging

London Stationery Show 2022 visitors will get a first look at our POSCA’s plastic free packaging. 

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We are working to reduce the use of single use plastics across all of our ranges. The launch of the new POSCA plastic free packaging is another part of our journey to becoming more sustainable and its commitment to eliminating single use plastic packaging long term. 

London Stationery Show 2022

POSCA paint markers are an excellent multi-surface, creative pen, which is why they are great value. One pen has a multitude of uses. The paint marker contains water-based pigment ink which is lightfast, water resistant and will write on almost any surface.

Every aspect considered

As you’d expect, we have thought through every aspect of the its plastic free packaging for these innovative paint markers. As well as being plastic-free the new POSCA packs are completely degradable and recyclable. 

Every effort has been made from sourcing to manufacture to ensure the packaging reduces its carbon footprint. 

Every effort has been made from sourcing to manufacture to ensure the packaging reduces its carbon footprint.  The pack’s board is climate-neutral; made from sustainable managed forestry. 

The new packaging’s inks are vegetable oil based rather than mineral oil based, the latter being derived from fossil fuels. The packs use a non-toxic, water-based blister varnish that does not affect composting, plus its gloss UV Varnish uses energy efficient UV light to finish. The result? Fantastic looking packaging that’s completely recyclable, degradable and compostable.

POSCA plastic free packaging

A clean process

While the new POSCA plastic free packaging looks great, with a consistent, high quality litho print finish, the print process has been designed with eco-concerns at its heart. The print pre-press uses chemical free Kodak computer-to-plate technology. 

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POSCA plastic free packaging is printed using the Komori Press, which boasts one of the shortest press set-up available anywhere; this significantly cuts paper and water waste while vastly reducing the use of press consumables. Plus, its direct dampening system, where the dampening solution is applied directly to plate, enables non-alcohol printing using the minimum amount of water. What’s more the company has used the same UK-based printer to produce the new packaging – requiring minimal set-up and reducing air-miles.

The London Stationery Show takes place at the Business Design Centre on 17th – 18th May,