Our favourite pen videos 

POSCA pen video

The uni-ball YouTube Channel is packed with useful tutorials and handy insights into how to use our pens and various techniques. Here’s a round up of our favourite pen videos showcasing our POSCA paint markers, uni-PIN pens and our Chalk markers. 

Perfectly POSCA 

Our favourite pen videos

One of our favourite pen videos is our POSCA paint marker introduction film. We worked with POSCA artist Danny Chiverton on the film. The talented artist shows us great techniques such as blending, using water with the paint markers and over-laying detail. 

The video also shows you the range of POSCA nib sizes and, importantly, how to prime your pen. 

We’re also really keen to show you our POSCA materials film. As you know POSCA works on virtually any surface. So here we have showcased the various surfaces the paint markers work on. 

Charming Chalk Markers 

As you know Chalk Markers are brilliant for all kinds of projects. The amazing thing about the uni-Chalk Marker is that it writes on and wipes off non-porous surfaces such as chalkboards, chalkboard painted walls and glass.

Our favourite pen videos

In one of our favourite pen videos a real life family prepares for a jam sales with the help of  uni-Chalk Markers 

As the video shows they should be your go-to marker for making simple window decorations, making signs and writing temporary labels. These markers are top quality, so much so that bars and restaurants use them everyday. You can get the same professional look for yourself in your own home.

Marvellous PIN pens

All black PIN pen tip sizes

We’re very proud of our PIN pens. The PIN’s black nibs have 18 nib sizes, which is great for artists. The variety of sizes mean you can explore traditional tonal drawing techniques such as stippling, cross-hatching and free-shading. This results in some fab finished pieces. Plus you can use of the variation in nib sizes to produce different results.

In this useful video we we’ve used our new Sketch Selection pack to explore these artists techniques as it includes the basic tips you need: an 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 tips

We’ve also got a very charming drawing video where we show you how to create a poppy illustration using the PIN Elegant Tone pack. 

our favourite pen videos

And if you want to see the black PIN sizes in action. Check out this video where we show off every black PIN size from 0.03 to the brush tips.