Make beautiful finishing touches for your Christmas table with POSCA 

You’ve decked the halls, you have you’ve sent out your cards and bought your gifts. But have you thought about making your festive celebration extra special? We have some lovely ideas to make beautiful finishing touches for your Christmas table with POSCA markers and pencils to make your gathering super memorable. And even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, many of these ideas can be easily translated for a general winter gathering.

POSCA paint markers are just the thing for making your Christmas more personal. The pens are permanent and bleed-proof on paper and card (as it absorbs into the fibres), and can be made permanent on the following:

  • – Terracotta – bake at 220°C for 45 minutes, then spray with clear varnish
  • – Porcelain – bake at 160°C for 45 minutes, then spray with clear varnish
  • – Glass – bake at 160°C for 45 minutes then spray with clear varnish
  • – Textiles – iron on reverse
  • – Metal, stone, leather, plastic and wood – spray with clear varnish

A special name place 

You can create the personal touch by making your own name places. We think POSCA pencils look fabulous on black. So we have drawn a simple wreath motif with a name inside for our festive table. 

finishing touches for your Christmas table with POSCA

This hand-drawn name place has soft and luscious textures created with POSCA pencils will add a tactile touch to this festive table. Its just one idea for some lovely finishing touches for your Christmas table with POSCA.

POSCA PENCILS have the same quality you’d expect from POSCA, boasting amazing longevity, usability and, naturally, fantastic colour range and coverage. POSCA PENCILS have a unique formula and contain more oil than wax, making the colours ultra deep, punchy and vidid. Their innovative construction means the pencils are sleek and easy to use, sharpen like a dream and don’t crumble or break when a heavy pressure is applied. These top quality art pencils have six levels of intensity and carry a deep, rich concentration. So embrace your colourful side and explore a wealth of possibilities with POSCA PENCILS.

Take a look at how we crafted this easy hand-drawn place name in the video below… 

Utensil portrait challenge 

Why not try a fun activity for your festive gathering? We love this as a one of our fun finishing touches for your Christmas table with POSCA. 

Wooden characters with POSCA

Everyone gets a plain wooden utensil – you can get a large full-sized one or mini spoons and forks. Then you and your guests can use your POSCA paint markers to create mini portraits of each other – you can even do the family pet!

Christmas wooden characters

And of course you can go totally trad and whip up a set of Christmassy characters on your wooden spoons and spatulas. Whatever you go for, once done you can use PVA to seal in your designs.

Make charms to take takeaway 

How about your guests leaving with a token to remember your happy times together? We love decorating heart and star ceramic shapes and placing them on our table as a festive gift to takeaway – the fact that they are hand-painted with POSCA paint markers makes them super special. 

Christmas decorations with POSCA

For a simple flower design we’ve used POSCA brush pens. With POSCA brush nibs you can paint without the faff.  POSCA brush pens allow you to paint like a pro, create beautiful brush lettering and make a mark with a painterly flourish. All without the mess that comes with paint and a brush. They are available in 10 colours. We’ve kept it simple with these by using gold and silver metallic POSCA colours. 

finishing touches for your Christmas table with POSCA

See how we create our flower brush designs on ceramics in the video below….

Make jam jar votives 

Add some twinkly finishing touches for your Christmas table with POSCA by upcycling old empty glass jars with wintery motifs. 

Easy Christmas lanterns

You can create snow scenes with a white POSCA or use traditional festive colours of green and red to create foliage themed designs. 

Easy Christmas lanterns

Take a look at the video below to see us try three festive designs on glass.