Creative POSCA idea for Valentine’s Day: Make a memory book

Love is in the air. And we thought we’d give you a different creative POSCA idea for Valentine’s Day this year.

creative POSCA idea for Valentine’s Day

So we thought we’d show you some decorated cover ideas for you to create a loving memories book. This is a great creative POSCA idea for Valentine’s Day because it’s a great gift for couples or friends. Celebrate your love with some POSCA creativity. 

Magical memory book 

In this digital world, pictures, notes and memories usually live in your phone or on in laptop. Why don’t you bring them to life by putting them into a physical book that you can hold?

creative POSCA idea for Valentine’s Day

Yes our memory books are love-themed but they can be a lovely ’palentines‘ or ‘galentines’ book to be created for friendship too. 

Fill your book with ‘in jokes’ that only you and your boo, or bestie, will know. Hand-craft written messages, make little drawings. Cram your book full of printed out photos and ephemera. Finish your Valentine’s memory book in style with a love-themed illustration created with POSCA. 

POSCA paint markers are great for all kinds of Valentine’s makes. The pens contains water-based pigment ink which is lightfast, water resistant and will write on almost any surface. Plus colours really pop on a dark surface. 

POSCA pens are  permanent and bleed-proof on paper and card (as it absorbs into the fibres) so can be used for greetings. They can also be made permanent on the following:

– Terracotta – bake at 220°C for 45 minutes, then spray with clear varnish

– Porcelain – bake at 160°C for 45 minutes, then spray with clear varnish

– Glass – bake at 160°C for 45 minutes then spray with clear varnish

– Textiles – iron on reverse

– Metal, stone, leather, plastic and wood – spray with clear varnish

We’ve got four memory book designs you can try today as a great creative POSCA idea for Valentine’s Day… All memory book photography by  CliQQ Studios.

We’ve used a simple white scrap book for our ideas but remember POSCAs pop in dark background and Kraft card too so choose whatever finish you like.

One, geometric gorgeousness 

Use simple lines and neat POSCA metallics to create a cool, contemporary look for your memory book. 

Decorate a book with POSCA pens

First, plan your design. Use a pencil, mark a point on your book. Work outwards from there, drawing a series of straight lines with a ruler at angles out to form a starting structure from which to form your design. Work lines around this out into the edge of the book. 

Once happy with the pencil outline, go over with gold POSCA.

Two, an intricate love tree

Practice simple drawing techniques to make this beautiful design. 

creative POSCA idea for Valentine’s Day

Use a pencil to draw a faint heart outline in the centre of the book and curved ‘L’ shapes on each corner.  Draw leaves onto the L shapes. 

Using the heart as your guide, create branches within the shape. When satisfied with the branches, draw leaves onto them. 

Use a 1M POSCA to go over the drawing and colour in your pencil shapes. We’ve used gold here but you could use any colour you like. Add some little dots around your branches to create buds and berries. You could also use a white 1M POSCA to create some highlights on your leaves. 

Three, romantic ringed initials 

Sometimes simplicity is best as this  effective design shows. 

Design a Valentines Memory Book

Use a pencil to draw two circles onto the book. One large, one smaller one sitting inside it. 

Go around the circle with a 3M POSCA. Then use a 1MR POSCA to add smaller spots in between. We have used black and gold in our design but we’ll leave these colour choices up to you.   Add definition by applying white highlights to the dots and further embellish.   

Now use a pencil to freehand your initials in the centre of the dots. When you are happy with you lettering go over with your POSCA. Remember to add highlights and definition with a darker and lighter POSCA to give your text more oomph! 

Four, lovely lovebirds

Decorate a book with POSCA pens


We’ve got a template for this one. Simply save and download the image below and print out. 


Once you’ve done that trace and transfer the lovebird motif onto the book cover. 

You can colour in the traced design with POSCA colours and nibs of your choice. We’ve used 3M POSCAs in light pint and gold for the large areas. And a 1M gold for the finer details.   

One the large areas have dried. Use a white 1M POSCA paint markers to add leaf veins, outlines and dots to the design. Further embellish with gold and pink dots, adding white highlights when dried.