The best writing pens for a loving message 

Now most of us know by now that when you want to be romantic, a hastily written email or text just isn’t going to cut it. Handwritten is always best. But what are the best writing pens for a loving message? 

Remember, when you want to send a note of love, it’s always so much more special when it is handwritten.

By writing a note, you’ve made something that will last. Actually that’s particularly true if you use our rollerball pens. Many of our rollerball writing pens feature our special uni Super Ink which is lightfast, tamper resistant and water resistant. Subsequently,  when you’ve used a uni-ball pen to commit your feelings to paper, you’ll know your message will live for ever!

We have a choice of quality pens that are just perfect for any words of love. All featuring uni-ball Super Ink So, let’s take a look. 

The Eyes have it! 

Let’s start with a classic. Out uni-Eye range offers a choice of best writing pens for a loving message. It all depends on your handwriting style. 

uni-ball Eye Pens - the importance of handwriting

Whether you write big and bold or super small and neat, we have an Eye for you. Plus, whatever Eye pen you plump for all our Eye writing pen ranges contain uni Super Ink  – which is fade-free, water resistant and tamper proof, vital for when you want your work to last. And its ‘uni-flow’ system ensures a consistent and continuous ink flow right to the last drop so you don’t have to worry about the pen jamming or ink running out. 

The best writing pens for a loving message


Super reliable and excellent quality, the uni-ball Eye Micro rollerball pens have been a world favourite for more than 20 years. That’s because they deliver smooth flowing, rich ink to the page with a consistent skip-free line. This handwriting pen doesn’t jam and the the barrel’s handy ink window indicates your ink levels, so you won’t get caught out.

The best writing pens for a loving message

The Eye Fine

Sometimes you’ve gotta go with an all round classic, which is the uni-Eye Fine. It has a strong and sturdy 0.7mm nib and write with a solid, precise line. Plus the writing pens are available in black, blue, green, light blue, light green, orange, pink, red, violet and wine giving you lots of creative options.

Choose an Eye Micro or Needle

Like something a little more delicate? How about the Eye Micro or the Eye Needle? 

The Eye Micro’s 0.5mm nib is excellent for neat, clear handwriting, so it’s a great pen for practising your script. And while it’s super delicate, the smooth ink flow and refined rollerball glides on the pages – perfect for spontaneous outpourings of affection! 

The best writing pens for a loving message

The uni-ball Eye Needle handwriting pen is made for people who wish to fill every bit of their pages with tiny text.  While this needle tip can create refined, delicate writing, it’s no wimp. The ink pen’s 0.5mm nib may be fine, but its strong needle tip can withstand heavy pressure without bending or breaking.

Plus the Eye’s smooth-flowing solid pigment ink makes writing, and gentle doodling as seen on these gift boxes, legible at practically any size. 

Lovely Eye Needle Rollerball

Make a statement with an Eye Broad

Fancy being a more bold with your love language? Then check out the Eye Broad. 

The Beautiful Eye Broad

The Broad is made for an expressive soul. These fine looking writing pens have a sleek rose-gold barrel that looks gorgeous as part of a stylish stationery stash.

These great looking handwriting pens have a broad 1.0mm rollerball for solid, full-bodied writing. Just the ink pen you need forclear, easy-to-read script. Perfect for when your want your message to be understood! 

Make an impact 

The Gel Impact pen is one of the best writing pens for a loving message.

Gorgeous Gel Impact Pen

If you like to express yourself in your hand-script, the uni-ball Gel Impact handwriting pens are ideal for you. 

This ink pens should be your first choice when you need a sturdy writing pen that delivers a bold line to give you eye-catching handwriting. Use the Gel Impact ink pen on cards, journals, letters and keepsakes, its solid, opaque line will not disappoint.  

Gorgeous Gel Impact Pen

It’s a joy to work with too, the pen’s ultra-smooth gel ink and sturdy rubber grip combines comfort, quality and reliability. The Gel Impact contains uni Super Ink, which is fade-free, water resistant and tamper proof, ensuring your script looks fresh for a lifetime. 

The strong, broad 1mm rollerball pen is available in red, blue and black.  

Leftie lovers! 

Here’s one for all those left-handed lovers out there, the uni Jetstream.

Love the no smudge with uni-ball jetstream pens

Truly one of the best writing pens for a loving message, the Jetstream is more than regular rollerball pen. You get smooth, fast flowing writing, sure, but these pens also have the fast-drying properties of a simple ballpoint so there’s less smudging, making it an ideal left handed pen option. 

The best writing pens for a loving message

Plus its hybrid Jetstream ink contains a special solvent for fast writing that reduces friction on the page by 40%, giving you a smooth, even writing experience, whatever hand you write with.

The writing pens have been ergonomically designed to make it comfortable to use for both left and right-handed writers. 

You can buy one in blue, black or red or try a Jetstream3. 

Three colours in one pen the Jetstream3

The Jetstream 3 has three retractable rollerball nibs in one pen barrel so you can write in red, black or blue. 

It’s great for left-handers too; the pen’s fast flowing ink dries nine times faster than a standard ballpoint so there’s less smudging. The pen’s rubberised grip has been ergonomically designed to make it easy and comfortable to write with.

Jetstream pens are great for left handers

The Jetstream and Jetstream3 have a 1.0mm ball provides a robust flowing line.

The pens also have the added benefit of uni-ball’s Super Ink technology. This fade free, water resistant and tamper proof ink ensures that your writing will last, so it’s the an excellent choice for important documents such as love letters or Valentine’s cards.

A loving flourish 

The best writing pens for a loving message

Now it’s all very well writing a loving message but how about making a card or designing a beautiful letter or gift box?

Signo Broad gel pens are ideal for this very task. 

Signo gel pens great for valentines

Artists, crafters and designers love these gel pens and, when you see it in action, you’ll know why. 

The uni-ball Signo Broad pen makes a creamy, opaque 1mm line that sits beautifully over watercolour and pen marks, as well as light and dark paper and card. The pens fail-safe pigment ink coverage is so good that artists use the Signo Broad as highlighters and designers use them as a corrector pen. They are also fab gel pens for adult colouring. 

The best writing pens for a loving message

Creatives love the way the pens flow, with a consistent, smooth and skip-free line that’s a pleasure to work with.

The Signo Broad’s rubber grip makes mark-making comfortable and is available in a wide range of vibrant metallic colours as well as white.

Available in Gold, Bronze, Silver, White, Blue, Green, Violet, Red and Pink for all sorts of love-themed creations.