Why we love our POSCA tin packs

we love our POSCA tin packs

Have you seen our POSCA metal box collection? Wanna know why we love our POSCA tin packs? We will tell you why… Essentially our duo of POSCA tins allow you to unleash your inner graffiti tagger or draw like a street art pro.

A fabulous choice 

We love our POSCA tin packs as you can choose from a graffiti tag tin or a street-art style illustration pack. 

we love our POSCA tin packs

Both tins contain 20 different coloured POSCA paint markers in 5m, 3m and 1m sizes. They also include colour step by step guides plus practice sheets. They are an absolutely essential gift pack for any budding artist or hand-lettering fan. And you get to learn from the best

The real beauty of the pack is the chance to learn how to recreate the iconic style of POSCA artist SP: Zero. 

Introducing SP:Zero

SP:Zero is a successful illustrator and well-loved street artist based in Bristol. His portfolio includes everything from live drawing, magazine illustration, large scale murals, children’s books and computer game graphics. 


The artist is often seen working with the POSCA UK team to brighten up spaces with his colourful murals.  As well as his POSCA work SP:Zero has an amazing portfolio. He has worked with an array of top-notch brands including  Lamborghini, Samsung, The BBC, City & Country, Luctra, Devitt Insurance, The Lexicon and Doncaster Council. His iconic street art imagery has been seen all over the world and featured in several books and magazines. 

And when we say he’s the best we really mean it, SP:Zero was also crowned winner of The Illustrated World Series Classic UK Illustration Championship 2022. He has also released his own comic book, ’After the Robot Apocalypse’. With all this artistic success we thought SP:Zero was the perfect artist to create the first collection of illustration guides. 

What’s inside

As we’ve mentioned these amazing packs contain everything you need to create professional-looking illustrations and accomplished graffiti tags.

POSCA illustration tin

The handy metal box contains 20 different coloured POSCA paint markers in 5m, 3m and 1m sizes. So let’s talk you through the different POSCA sizes inside. This collection of various sized nibs and great colours is a just pack for a POSCA fan. That’s one of the reasons why why we love our POSCA tin packs.

The PC-1M POSCA’s extra-fine 0.7mm bullet tip makes it excellent for fine detail and small projects such as fiddly decorations, card-making or illustration. Hold it straight on for fine dots and lines, use it at an angle to create expressive strokes and to colour-in.

Versatile and vibrant, the PC-3M fine bullet tip gives you a neat, steady line and solid colour. With this marker you have the power to outline and colour, allowing you to customise, create, decorate or make a mark on anything that inspires you.

An all-round classic, the PC-5M medium 1.8-2.5mm bullet tip produces bold lines and is ideal for both colouring and bold, broad outlines. Comfortable to hold and available in a wide choice of colours, this robust marker is great for all ages and abilities.

POSCA Graffiti Tag tin

The tin also includes colour step by step guides to creating two styles of graffiti lettering or many illustrations plus practice sheets. So you can really perfect your style. The gridded practice sheets also has an added bonus. Sure you can practice on them by using the crib but you can also use the squares to scale up your designs to make them larger.

A customisation kit

POSCA paint markers are fantastic for so many projects. And fashion customisation has to be at the top of our favourite things to do with our versatile paint markers. 

Customise with POSCA tins

We love our POSCA tin packs. Why because the Limited Edition POSCA Tins make a really brilliant POSCA customisation kit.  With these tins you have choice of POSCA pens in three different sizes  and you get templates too!   

You could opt to adorn your items with graffiti tags or street-style illustrations. Why not adapt your illustrations and lettering and create your very own designs with a little help from the pack?  The great thing about the tin too is you can store your designs and POSCA paint markers in one handy box to create a coordinated look. 

POSCA Graffiti Tag tin

In an age where we’re all trying to avoid fast fashion and embrace sustainable style you can use your POSCA paint markers to give old clothes new life. Or simply add an individual element to you attire.

As you know POSCA paint pens work on a variety of surfaces so they are also amazing if you want to get decorating on accessories and homewares. POSCAs are permanent markers on paper, card and wood, and can be made permanent on the following: 

  • Terracotta – bake at 220°C for 45 minutes, then spray with clear varnish
  • Porcelain – bake at 160°C for 45 minutes, then spray with clear varnish
  • Glass – bake at 160°C for 45 minutes then spray with clear varnish
  • Textiles – iron on reverse
  • Metal, plastic and wood – spray with clear varnish