Why you need uni-Chalk Markers in your life 

Let us tell you why you need uni-Chalk Markers in your life. Whether you are a practical type, a person that loves to party or simply someone who loves to celebrate friends and family – our uni-Chalk Markers are a home and work essential. 

Amazing colour range 

Our favourite sized Chalk Markers are the PWE-8K and the PWE-5M. 

uni-ball Chalk colours

The 8K’s 8mm chisel tip gives you a thick, bold line and is great for large format work and bold hand-lettering. While the 5M’s 1.8 – 2.5mm bullet tip makes this pen a great all-rounder, good for colouring, hand-lettering and bold, robust drawings. 

Both sizes are available in bright, vibrant shades. You can get them in Black, White, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent  Orange, Light Blue, Red, Violet, Gold and Silver. 

uni-ball Chalk colours

These bright, bold colourful pens are perfect for writing on non porous chalkboards, chalkboard labels, windows, metal, plastic, glass and any other non-porous surface.

The practical choice for many purposes 

Whether you are young or simply young at heart – these pens are an ideal purchase. 

Why you need uni-Chalk Markers in your life 

These chalk markers are so good that bars and restaurants use them everyday. And you can get the same professional look for yourself at home or in your workplace.  

We believe everyone should keep a set of uni-Chalk Markers in their kitchen drawer. Honestly we’re passionate in telling you that you need uni-Chalk markers in your life. These coloured pens are brilliant when you need to pull something out the bag for a party and handy for practical stuff too. 

Why you need uni-Chalk Markers in your life

These pens have been mades as a creative product with practicalities in mind. The uni-ball Chalk Marker writes on and wipes off non-porous surfaces such as chalkboards, tin and metal, chalkboard painted walls and glass. They are a first rate tool for decorating, making signs and writing temporary labels. 

uni-Chalk Markers don’t ghost. What do we mean by this? Well, a lot of cheaper chalk pens will leave a faint trace of your design on the surface once it’s been washed away. It can then take many, many washes to get your glass or chalk board back to normal. So again, our uni-Chalk Markers are a sensible choice. 

Write on wipe off uni-Chalk Markers

They are rain resistant so are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  The ink is water-based so when you want to remove it simply wipe away with a damp cloth, or a little mild detergent if stubborn.  Not suitable for porous surfaces.

A perfect practice pen

While these coloured pens are brilliant as a temporary pen on non-porous surfaces they also can be permanent on materials such as unvarnished wood, card and paper. So while you can whip up all manner of temporary designs you can also create work to last on paper and canvas. 

Why you need uni-Chalk Markers in your life

Over in Europe our Chalk pens are often regarded as a mini practice POSCAs. As like, POSCA, they are great on paper and card but are also brilliant for ceramics and glass as, unlike POSCA they can be more easily cleaned off. 

Why you need uni-Chalk Markers in your life

This makes uni-Chalk Markers a great value option for kids to work on art canvases and card as well as non-porous surfaces for them to get used to working with chunky markers. 

A must for parties 

Because the markers are so easy to wash off, they are brilliant for occupying little ones on a rainy afternoon or for a group party activity. 

Chalk marker window

They are ideal for a quick “Happy Birthday” or “Good Luck” sign on a kitchen or dining room window to celebrate a loved ones special day when they arrive for their morning coffee. And of course they are the perfect pen for a party

uni-ball Chalk markers for parties

You can make any shin-dig super special. Because they work on paper as well as a whole load of other surfaces you can perk up party bags and gift wrap. Then you can create personalised notices, table numbers, favours and party pieces. We’ve even used them on candles to give our gatherings an extra personal touch. 

Why you need uni-Chalk Markers in your life

They last a long time too. So, keep you pens in the drawer and whip them out when you need them. Use the markers for seasonal soirees such as Christmas,Halloween and Easter parties, and wipe off when you’re done. 

Around the home and office 

You need uni-Chalk Markers in your life for parties sure. But they are also fantastic for when you need to get jobs done. 

Why you need uni-Chalk Markers in your life

We’ve seen people use Chalk Markers in work meetings on metal tables when they are holding blue sky thinking seasons. And of course they work brilliantly on white board and glass walls. So they are great for work. 

We think uni-Chalk Markers are perfect for gardening too. They are great for allowing you to mark up labels and pots. Plus you can also mark when you’ve watered your potted plants or indeed make a note of soil ph levels if that’s your kind of thing. 

Whatever your use, these pens are ideal for just about anyone if your home and you don’t have to be a mega artist to use them.