Wave hello to the uni-ball Eye Ocean Care

Wave hello to the next generation of the iconic uni-ball Eye writing pen, the uni-ball Eye Ocean Care. 

The new pen from uni-ball

The sustainable future of handwriting 

Made with 75% recycled plastics, 10% of which are harvested from the ocean, the uni-ball Eye Ocean Care is the sustainable future of handwriting.

uni-ball Eye Ocean Care

This new pen reduces the reliance on raw materials. Its manufacture keeps virgin plastic use to an absolute minimum. Plastic waste accounts for around 70% of total ocean waste. Therefore it was logical that we utilised this resource to make the new uni-ball Eye Ocean Care.

Tsushima clean up 

The deep-blue pen barrel and lid of the uni-ball Eye Ocean Care are constructed from recycled plastics and ocean plastics. The latter are gathered from the island of Tsushima, which has the biggest volume of ocean waste in Japan.

uni-ball Eye Ocean Care pens

This beautiful island have been recognised as an Important Bird Area by Bird Life International, and is home to many rare species.

This waste is usually incinerated or goes to landfill. Now we’re putting it to good use in the manufacture of our uni-ball Eye Ocean Care. In doing so, uni-ball is helping to reduce marine pollution, protect the island’s wildlife and nature, and decrease the volume of CO2 emissions and landfill.

The same exceptional quality

Super-reliable and excellent quality, uni-ball Eye rollerball pens have been a world favourite since its launch in 1994. You can expect exactly that same quality with this new generation of Eye pens. The pens still contain uni Super Ink, which is fade resistant, water resistant and tamper proof, making them ideal for important documents. Its iconic barrel window also lets you know how much ink you have used.

New sustainable pen from uni-ball


The uni-ball Eye Ocean Care’s high-quality rollerball, combined with a unique ‘uni-Flow’ system. This ensures ink flows consistently to give you a smooth writing experience down to the last drop – so there’s no need to worry about the pen jamming or ink suddenly running out.

The pens are available in red, blue, black and green with a choice of 0.5mm and 0.7mm nibs.

The uni-ball Eye Ocean Care; the same exceptional quality, now greener.