uni Super Ink Permanent Marker PNA-125


uni Super Ink Permanent Marker PNA-125

The uni-ball Super Ink Marker pen is permanent on most surfaces. It fade resistant, abrasion resistant, water resistant and will even resist bleach or acetone making it one of the few markers available that is truly permanent.

  • Permanent
  • Super Ink is fade resistant, abrasion resistant, water resistant and will even resist bleach or acetone.
  • Performs brilliantly on fabric, paper, CDs/DVDs, in the home or in the garden.
  • Ideal for industrial use
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Nib Size: 0.9mm

Ink Type: Marker

Rubberized Grip: No

Nib Material: Acrylic - Bullet shape
Surfaces: CDs/DVDs, Fabric, Paper

Capped or Retractable: Capped

Barrel Material: Plastic (PP)

Refillable: No

Pocket Clip: Yes

Clip Material: Plastic (PP)

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