Eye Micro Rollerball UB-150

UB-150 | Nib size: 0.5mm  

One of the World’s favourite pens for over 20 years, the uni-ball Eye Micro rollerball delivers a smooth, clear and exact writing experience.

Like many of uni-ball’s products it combines their unique ‘uni-flow’ consistent ink delivery with uni Super Ink technology. This makes the UB-150 water, fade and tamper proof. The window barrel allows you to see when the ink is running out.  This combined with it’s extreme reliability means there are no concerns about the pen suddenly stopping or running out unexpectedly.

Because of the micro-detailed nature of the lines the Eye Micro produces it is perfect for fine writing and also for sketching and technical drawing.

This pen comes with a 0.5mm nib and is available in blue, black and red. 


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