Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil – M5-450T

M5-450T | Nib size: 0.5mm  

The Kuru Toga mechanical pencil by uni-ball is a literal revolution in mechanical pencils.

It’s 3-gear rotation mechanism rotates the pencil lead every time it touches the paper preventing the tip from becoming chisel-shaped and crumbling or breaking. The rotation of the lead by the Kuru Toga’s gear mechanism makes for a cone shaped tip which draws a clean line.

Each time the pencil touches the paper the gear revolves the lead approximately 9 degrees and the logo can be seen to rotate through the translucent barrel – an interactive experience!

The stylish design is completed with a replaceable eraser under the push button eraser giving you two erasing options. The Kuru Toga pencil uses uni-ball’s super strong Nano Dia leads.

This pencil comes with a 0.5mm tip and weighs approximately ten grams.