Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil – M5-450T

M5-450T | Nib size: 0.5mm  

The uni-ball Kuru Toga mechanical pencil is a revolutionary retractable mechanical pencil which prevents the persisting issue of a chisel-shaped lead that arises with other models after use at a typical writing angle.

The Kuru Toga’s unique gear mechanism rotates the lead each time it comes into contact with the paper, meaning that your tip remains cone-shaped and able to deliver fine, precise lines. It is also far more resistant to breaking.

Its translucent upper barrel is sleek and modern, and you can see the Kuru Toga’s 3-gear rotation system at work through the ridged grip section. If that wasn’t proof enough of the mechanism, you’re able to see the logo on the centre gear rotate each time the tip touches your writing surface – around 9 degrees each time. 40 touches will result in one complete rotation of the lead.

Replaceable eraser under push button.

The Kuru Toga mechanical pencil uses extra-strong uni Nano Dia leads.

Available with 4 different coloured barrel options: smoke, blue, pink and green.

The pencil weighs around ten grams with a 0.5mm tip.