Amazing creative PIN gift ideas for Christmas

Looking for some arty gift inspiration? We’ve got some amazing creative PIN gift ideas for Christmas. 

creative PIN gift ideas

There are brilliant PIN pressie ideas for artists, illustrators, stationery fans and calligraphers. That’s why we love uni-PIN pens! 

As you know uni-PIN fine-line pens are renowned for delivering a wealth of mark-making solutions and their quality and longevity. That’s why artists, graphic designers and stationery lovers adore these fine line pens. 

Creative PIN gift ideas

It’s easy to come up with great PIN gift ideas for Christmas. uni-PIN pens draw and write like a dream. Plus the range of black PIN nib shapes and sizes, as well as beautiful additional shades of sepia, light and dark grey, give the creative soul a plethora of options. 

creative PIN gift ideas

The black PIN range has expanded from 14 to 18 calibrated tip sizes. In addition to its standard shape sizes, from delicate 0.03 to robust 1.2 nib, plus an expressive brush tip, the range now has three new chisel tips for calligraphy. It also includes an Extra Fine brush tip made with real bristles. The sepia and grey tones are available in 0.5m, 0.1m and brush tips. 

Great for eco-loving creatives 

creative PIN gift ideas

We recently released new uni-PIN packs. The packs are completely biodegradable and printed in a sustainable way. This means that as well as being plastic free we have used vegetable inks and less wastage than conventional printing processes. They are also made in the UK, reducing air miles. Find out more about our plastic-free packaging here. 

So you can buy a set of long lasting PINs secure in the knowledge that the packaging is not have a negative impact on the environment. What a gift! 

pin gifts for artists

We have designed the pack with a purpose in mind and theme to help you choose the right pen selection for drawing, graphic design and calligraphy. 

Each pack has been designed by an artist to illustrate the pens range and possibilities, showcasing each nib size and colour. You can opt for a three-pen set as a stocking filler or a five or eight pen pack for a larger gift. 

Amazing for stationery fans 

uni-PINs are a beautiful fine line pen for writing as well as drawing. Fans of a bold script could give our calligraphy sets a try or perhaps our Bold and Bold collection. 

PIn bold and broad

If you know someone who likes a more subtle script, who prefers to write notes in something other than black, then check out our grey and sepia sets. 

Stationery gifts

For example check out how elegant these sensitive sepia PIN pens look on cream paper. 

Stationery gifts

And how about this really pretty arrangement with our light and dark grey PIN pens?

So, for thoughtful stationery Christmas gift, simply team up their favourite pen colours and sizes with some beautiful note cards and paper. 

Wonderful for nature illustrators 

PIN’s very fine nibs are ideal for delicate details such as fur and feathers. That’s what makes them perfect for nature illustrators. Our Fine and Delicate collection showcases the smallest PIN nibs – ideal for very detailed drawings. 

uni-PIn gifts for artists

You can also make the mosts of our sepia and grey tones. 

uni-PIn sets for nature illustrators
For the ultimate nature illustration gift bundle up your PINs with books, and a sketch book. 

Ideal for calligraphers 

PIN pens have always been fabulous for hand-lettering. But this year our collection just got better with the addition of three new chisel tip pens plus an extra fine brush tip. So if you have a calligrapher or hand-lettering enthusiast in your life we’ve got the perfect gift. 

PIN gift ideas for Christmas

Our Calligrapher’s Choice pack, Calligraphy Collection pack and Love Lettering pack all feature the new chisel tips. The packs are designed by hand-lettering artist Lettering Our World. So they make gorgeous gifts. 

Chisel shaped tips are a standard shape for calligraphy felt-tip pens, however the PINs new sizes offer something genuinely different on the market. The smallest chisel tip is 1.0mm for neat yet expressive calligraphy and the largest being 3.0mm. The larger tip is great for big robust lettering.  

Make your own brush script prints

The new PIN Extra Fine brush is a real game changer when it comes to brush lettering and drawing. It’s a wonderful gift for both drawing artists and hand-script practitioners. This is because this beautiful pen acts as an elegant fine art tool and delicate brush script instrument. 

Make your own brush script prints with Becki Clark

Becki has created some beautiful hand-lettering pieces as seen above. You can always print out our blog tutorial to include with your Extra Fine Brush. 

Great gifts for artists 

PIN gift ideas for Christmas

Got an all round artist in your life? We have some fabulous PIN gift ideas for Christmas for those arty types.  Believe us when we say a PIN pen comes in real handy with LOTS of art projects. Whether it’s mapping out a drawing, creating a template on Lino for cutting or simply adding definition to watercolour pieces – the PIN is the ultimate artist’s pen. Therefore a set of PIN pens will be much welcomed by an artistic loved one. 

PIN with watercolour postcards

PIN drawing pens are water resistant so you can use them over watercolour. So why not bundle your PINs with an arty book and some watercolour paints? You can add some mini sketch journals or add some watercolour paper pads or a set of watercolour postcards.