Sustainable Christmas idea: Recycled place-names with PIN


Recycled place-names with PIN

We’re not giving up the sustainable Christmas ideas! Check out these recycled place-names with PIN Extra Fine Brush.

Brush script expert Becki Clark shows you how to make these rustic looking place name tags. Can you believe these are created with old cardboard boxes? It’s amazing how classy you can make things with a little Extra Fine Brush script.

These place names will look fabulous on your festive table. They will also look amazing as gift tags. Plus creating them is a great way of practising you brush script.

recycled place-names with PIN

You will need

To create your recycled place-names with PIN you’ll need some cardboard, ribbon, a pair of pinking shear, a hold punch and of course your PIN Extra fine brush pen.

Make your recycled place-names

recycled place-names with PIN

So grab your old cardboard boxes and let’s go.

Cut rectangles out of the cardboard using the pinking shears. We know this is a bit fancy but this will give you a waved edge. This zig-zag edging help make the cardboard look a bit jazzier rather than when cut with normal scissors.

Add your place names

brush script with PIN

If you haven’t tried brush script with our Extra Fine Brush, check out Becki Clark’s lettering tutorial here.

Taking the extra fine brush pen add your names onto the cardboard, you can create the brush lettered style by adding more pressure to your downward strokes and less pressure on the upward stroke.

You want a contrast of line thicknesses to ensure you create a brush lettered look.

Finish it off

Christmas gift tags

After you’ve written your names, add your holes through the cardboard. Now thread a ribbon through the hole and your place names are ready to adorn the festive table! 

Place names and tags with PIN pens

To find out more about our hand-lettering expert Becki and to see her brush script in action check out the video below.