Make pressies more interesting with uni-ball pens

Embrace your creative side when gifting this festive season. Make pressies more interesting with uni-ball pens. 

From uni-PAINT markers to unique PIN fine line pens, you can easily make pressies more interesting with uni-ball pens. And you don’t have to be amazing at drawing either. We have some simple mark making techniques to make your gifts look cool. Plus we also have some links to our step by step tutorials to whip up impressive looking treats. 

Decorate delicate gift boxes 

Get some plain gift boxes and give them the creative treatment with a choice of uni-ball pens. Here we’ve used our SIGNO gel pens to create simple star and snowflake illustrations to transform plain black and Kraft card contains into festive fancies. 

Make pressies more interesting with uni-ball pens

Want to know how to make snowflake illustrations? Follow our simple tutorial by clicking this Snowflake step by step link. We’ve used POSCA pens on this how-to but you can easily take this to your SIGNO creations. 

Make pressies more interesting with uni-ball pens

Because Signo metallic gel pens sit so smoothly over paper and have an opaque finish, they are perfect for hand-lettering projects over black paper and Kraft card. SIGNO gel pens look great on black and Kraft surfaces.

Signo gel pens

Go ornate with wrap

For us there is nothing more pleasing and individual for Christmas than hand-illustrated wrapping paper. 

Make pressies more interesting with uni-ball pens

If you use simple brown or white paper the wrap is sustainable too! 

PIN fine line works wonderfully over old packing paper. The whole black ink on brown paper look is incredibly charming and rustic. And the wonderful thing is you can recycle the paper once you’re done with it.

uni-PIN wrapping paper

The uni-ball PIN is the pros choice. One of the wonderful things about our Black PIN pen nibs is you can work in very delicate fine lines, which is great for illustrations and botanical drawings. Check out what artist Becky Clark has done and learn some simple, festive illustration by clicking this drawing tutorial link here. 

SIGNO Kraft paper update

You can work up some vibrant, vivid wrap designs with SIGNO broad pens. The Signo broad rollerball pen simply glides over paper when drawing and writing so they are a breeze to decorate wrapping paper with. Creatives love the way the pens flow, with a consistent, smooth and skip-free line that’s a pleasure to work with, especially on dark surfaces and simple brown paper. A fab pen choice for satisfying crafting session, the Signo Broad’s rubber grip makes mark-making and drawing super comfortable so you won’t resent the wrap update session.

Make the most of your tags 

When we want to quickly make pressies more interesting with uni-ball pens we grab our SIGNOs and create a set of gorgeous gift tags. 

SIGNO gift tags

The uni-ball SIGNO Broad gel pens makes a creamy, opaque 1mm line that sits beautifully over watercolour and pen marks, as well as light and dark paper and card. 

SIGNO gel pens fail-safe pigment ink coverage is so solid and opaque that artists use SIGNO Broad gel pens as highlighters and designers often use them as a corrector pen. This makes them ideal for different coloured tags! 

You can also create amazing tags that can double as decorations too. This is a really great way to make pressies more interesting with uni-ball pens. 

uni-PAINT marker gift tags

We’ve updated these ceramic shapes with uni-PAINT markers. You can go simple with with white and pink blobs on gold. Alternatively you can prep your star with vivid pink PAINT maker and then go over with a simple festive design with a silver PAINT marker. These pens are permanent so you’ll be giving and extra gift with your tag.

uni-PAINT maker star tag