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“POSCA PASTELs completes the POSCA colour collection. Their unique formula contains more wax than oil, so colours are vibrant with a super smooth finish. This also means that POSCA PASTELs leave hardly any residue on the page.

Colours can be blended and overlaid, you can stipple, colour block, cross-hatch, scratch and outline. Plus you can heat the sticks to create textured effects.

POSCA PASTELS can be used on wood, glass and fabric as well as on pastel board and paper.

  • Artist quality pencils.
  • Pencils do not crumble or break under heavy pressure.
  • Intense, ultra vivid colours.
  • Works on light and dark papers.
  • Can be used with both water and turpentine to achieve a range of effects.
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Pack Sizes

PC-1M 16pc Pack, PC-1M 4pc Pack Mono Tone, PC-1M 8pc Pack Starter, PC-1M 8pc Pastel Pack

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0.7 – 1.0mm

Barrel Colour



Card, Fabric, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Wood

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Cosmos, Dusk, Earth, Essential 6pk, Luxe, Mystic, Ocean, Spectrum, Sunny, Terra


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