POSCA Artist of the Year 2021

We are pleased to announce the POSCA Artist of the Year 2021…..

POSCA Artist of the Year 2021

Cue drumroll…. It’s…

Art by NZ!

About POSCA Artist of the Year 2021

POSCA Artist of the Year event 2021 was created to celebrate your talents. Taking place over our Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok channels the competition was a great way for both budding and established POSCA artists to showcase their work. We loved seeing what amazing things you came up with your POSCA paint markers, POSCA pencils and POSCA wax pastels.

Taking part and showing off your talents with us was simple. Our artists had 11 bites of the cherry for a chance to win. Every month we posted a theme or ‘prompt’ to inspire you to unleash your artistic flare. Every month the prompt was announced on our POSCA UK Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok channels so everyone could stay in the loop.

The winner of each month was added to the grand final showdown list for December 2021. Where our panel of expert judges voted on our favourite artist overall with a finished piece by each of our finalists. Here’s the piece that won!

POSCA Artist of the Year 2021

About Artist of the Year Art by NZ

Art by NZ, other wise known as Natasha Forrest, is a Upcycle Queen who specialises in fantastic hand-lettering, gorgeous graphic illustration with a fabulous edgy flourish. All of her pieces are sustainable, freehand and one of a kind. Here she is below wearing a rather glorious crown of POSCA paint markers.

Art by NZ

Natasha’s original and retro-inspired style is incredibly popular. Not only can you see her creations on her instagram channel but you can also watch how she creates them using POSCA on her fantastic TikTok videos.

Sometimes edgy and political, always cool and fresh, Art by NZ really showcases the mark-making potential of POSCA. It also celebrates our sustainable values as she uses the pens to add new life to old items.

Upcycled cups art by NZ

Buy her work, learn from her

Art by NZ has a fab little Etsy shop where you can buy her prints and upcycled items. And you’ll be in good company as she has Meg Matthews and Kate Moss amongst her ever growing list of customers.

Art by NZ jacket

You can also learn from her as she runs TikTok and insta workshops with our friends at ArtGecko.

POSCA Artist of the Year 2021

Natasha has also provided us with a simple hand-lettering and motif tutorial using our new PIN extra fine brush and chisel tips.